Why a Brooch Bouquet

One of the very first choices we made after deciding on a destination wedding was that we did not want to waste cash on flowers.  We were married in Puerto Rico and only had one day on the island after our wedding.  This meant no one could even so much as enjoy fresh flowers in their hotel room and I certainly couldn't have had a safe plan for drying my bouquet.  I needed an alternative solution that I could safely get to Puerto Rico.   

One glance in my jewelry box and you start to see a story.  A story of a woman who isn't easily put into one category or another.  This is true all over my home in fact and stems from growing up with parents who did not remain married.  Now this is not a sad story, actually it's a story that has allowed for so much more in my life than a cookie cutter life could have.  Growing up experiencing my parents as individuals allowed for me not only to gain the best of them, but also to absorb bits and pieces of both of their styles.  These styles are very different and I have never had to compromise.  I developed well rounded style that incorporated glitzy, modern, chunky and dainty.  This doesn't sound cohesive, but really somehow it winds up all working- and it had to work for my big day.

I did not start off as looking for an alternative bouquet, I actually was looking for just an outright alternative to a bouquet.  I explored fans, lanterns and various baskets.  Nothing felt right until I stumbled upon some brooch bouquets.  What I found online intrigued me, but nothing was really calling my name.  A lot of what was available was either far too modern or far too glitzy.  I slowly but surely began to realize I would need to make my own.  And by make my own I mean encourage my bridal party to learn how to make it with me!

I started gathering bits and pieces from various locations.  There were small jade beads that many people didn't quite grasp how they would fit into the final product, but eventually it all came together.  My mom and I went through heirloom items and added those to the mix.  I spent time hunting for items that either fit into the color scheme I was finding myself with or that possessed symbolic value.  There were items that seemed “borderline” but anything that meant something to me was able to be fit in.

My own adventure in piecing together the eclectic bits and pieces for my bouquet is what inspires me every day to curate items to meet any brides style.  Everything that makes you who you are should be able to shine through within your bouquet. We strive every day at Timeless Bridal Creations to tell any brides story through an ever lasting bouquet. 

-Laurelle Farrell