Wedding Jewelry Tips and Tricks

Tips on personalizing wedding jewelry

When planning your wedding, jewelry can be one of the top expenses and arguably one of the most visible elements. From engagement photos to the big day, chances are it’s a conversation starter! So where do you start? If you haven’t been surprised with the ring yet, you get to have some fun picking one out. If you already have one, you can focus on the wedding band, grooms ring or even your wedding day accessories (necklace, bracelets, hair piece and flowers)! All of these tips can be adjusted for the type of item you are looking to personalize. 

One of a kind – Custom Design and Fabrication

If you are interested in a custom one of a kind piece, you will need to work with an artist to design, sketch and create the work of art. As with any work of art, be prepared to allow the artist some creative flexibility. Tell your designer what you like, examples of elements you are fond of, etc. Make sure to tell and show them what you don’t like too! A unique piece is why you selected that jeweler, please don’t ask them to copy another design, due to various copyright laws, they legally can’t do it anyway. Tip – Make sure to interview your potential designers – you should speak with more than one – and be prepared to leave a deposit for the work once you select one. It’s also a good idea to ask for and retain or a written agreement, with all of the details, including the delivery date and how they will repair and maintain their work in the future, after all it is a big investment! 

One of a kind – Premade Setting with Loose Stone Selection 

Many jewelers offer pre-made settings where you can insert a loose stone. This is a great way to select a ring design you may have seen elsewhere but want to add a little personalization. Have a stone you love already set in another piece – ask them to remove and reset.  is a great way to incorporate personalization and save some money! No loose stone, no problem. Most jewelers will offer an array of loose stones ready for setting. 

Stone type and color

Consider a colored stone! Even diamonds range in color from yellow, brown to pink and blue.  Like the hardiness of diamonds but want something more? Gemstones are ranked on the Mohs Scale. Ranging from 1-10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. Diamonds are more durable and come in at a rating of 10 on the scale. Durability is one of the main reasons many choose a diamond, however there are stones that come in a close second. Ruby & Sapphire are both a 9.0 on the Mohs Scale. 

Heirloom and New to You Items 

Love the hunt for unique and one of a kind items at yard sales & thrift stores? Have some jewelry you inherited? Borrowing a treasured family heirloom for your big day? Have some decorative hair pins lying around – use them to secure the ribbon on your bouquet handle.  Have some brooches? Try affixing them to a hair clip or stick with some jewelry wire to wear in your hair or add to some flowers. Looking to honor a loved one who is no longer with you but don’t feel like wearing a locket? Weave it into the bouquet! (Tiny picture frames, brooches and hair pins can also be sourced at local craft stores in the jewelry section if you can’t find used or sentimental ones). 

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