Themed Weddings

When I decided to write a blog post on unique wedding themes, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write about it. Would I talk about all of the different themes I’ve seen and heard of? Should I mention the medieval-themed weddings, and the grooms who rode in on white horses like knights? Would people want to hear about a Halloween wedding, and the costumes and food that these celebrations involved? Maybe I should talk about the Game of Thrones weddings that I’ve read about – as popular as the books and TV shows have become, maybe it would help give people ideas on how to plan their own! When it came down to it though, I didn’t want to touch upon many different weddings only briefly, and as soon as I saw one particular wedding theme, I knew that I had found the one.

My boyfriend had just told me that he’s never read these books or seen the movies, and with the new book sitting in my Amazon account as a pre-order, I decided that I had to write about… You guessed it… Harry Potter-themed weddings! Being an avid Google user, I googled “Harry Potter weddings” before I started writing this post. I was looking for a photo or two to add to the blog, but what I found was even better. I found an article about a UK couple written by James Gould-Bourn for BoredPanda. They threw an epic, magical, Harry Potter-themed wedding that blew me away.

Guests at this wedding all received wands, the groom’s cufflinks had Harry Potter quotes on them, the ring cushion was the final Harry Potter book, and the guest book table was completed with owls. As I looked through the pictures in the article, I was amazed at the level of detail the couple was able to attend to, and I realized that newlyweds must be a lot of time and effort into making sure everything fits their chosen theme – Harry Potter or not.

I couldn’t help but start to wonder how someone could incorporate even more detail into a wedding like this, and a lot of my thoughts began to focus on the bouquet. This isn’t something that most people tend to customize beyond the type and color of the flowers, so I thought there would be a lot of potential here to incorporate the unique wedding theme to an even greater extent. Of course, colors are still one of the easiest ways to incorporate the theme (if your theme has distinct colors). Maybe you were sorted into Gryffindor – choose scarlet and gold for your flowers, or for the ribbon at the bottom of the bouquet. Was Hedwig a favorite part of the story for you? Add a few owl-shaped brooches to your brooch bouquet in her honor! If you’ve always dreamed of playing Quidditch, there’s a way to broadcast that dream as well! Grab a pin or charm in the shape of the Golden Snitch and attach it to the handle of your bouquet. Or maybe wrap your succulent bouquet with burlap to get a rough, textured feeling, similar to that of a broom. 

There are so many small and unexpected ways to add even more detail to your themed wedding. A bouquet is an exciting, easily customizable place to start the process, but I am excited to hear other ideas from our brides and see what they have come up with as well. Now, excuse me while I go finish the last few pages of the new Harry Potter book, and work on convincing my boyfriend that he should start reading the series so that he’s no longer missing out on all of the fun!

-Katie Gill