Mom Really Does Know Best

Nothing about wedding planning ends up being a grand experience we anticipate.  It is stressful and the reality is that the world does not stop.  We do not gain extra hours in the day to get it all done. We just need to figure it out.  Dress shopping is no exception, but once it all hits you it does, in fact, become rather magical

I went dress shopping fairly last minute on a whim.  $100 slim-fitting, modern, low-key gowns by a designer I loved were being advertised.  Many of you may have figured out my gown was not slim-fitting, low-key or $100…so joke was on me!  All the same, “the dress” was there on that very first trip.

One of the biggest things I recall about this day was that I forgot to put deodorant on.  My mom insisted I would be fine, but I forced her into a store right next door to the bridal shop.

Fresh and ready to go, we crept up the stairs to a small bridal shop.  I was immediately drawn towards the slim, modern gowns.  I soon discovered that they just were not going to cut it. My mom encouraged me to try on a massive tulle gown, delicately embellished with jeweled detailing. It was not the one; that was not possible.  The tears running down my mother’s face, however, told a different story. Stubbornly, I kept looking. We put my mom’s choice on hold as I left the store, discouraged.

A few days later, we traveled out to a better-known bridal shop in Watertown MA.  Along the way we hit several shops in the area.  Nothing impressive.  A few of the gowns in Watertown were nice. My unrealistic favorite was very heavy velvet.  Needless to say, this was not an appropriate choice for a Puerto Rican wedding.   I attempted to seek this dress out in its lace version, with no luck. I have, however, seen a few brides wearing this gown since.  Ironically, it makes me happy that I did not wind up with a gown that clearly was not a popular choice at the time.

Determined that my dress simply had to reside in this Watertown shop, I made an official appointment to come back a few days later.  I called my maids of honor, Carrie and Charlotte and asked them to join me.  Charlotte was also able to join me beforehand for a morning viewing of “absolutely not the gown” back at the small bridal shop in Northborough. 

The day of the viewing, we headed out to breakfast with my mom. After breakfast, I then witnessed my best friend cry right along with my mom at this dress that was clearly too colossal and simply not for me.  The shop owner, as if prompted, demonstrated to me how many layers could be remove. I started to feel my emotions soften.  Suddenly the phone rang.  The world really did not stop for my magical bride-to-be, gown-shopping day.  The school I was working for at the time, was in a transition period.  This put me as essentially on-call, even though I felt as though I had the day off to wedding plan.  Duty called and our group embarked on an adventure driving all around attempting to get paperwork signed, sealed, and delivered. As we drove around, they joined together to convince me that I had, in fact, found my gown. I eventually agreed and asked the shop to hold the gown for just a few more days.

That weekend I went back to the shop with my mom, my bridesmaids and my mother-in-law in tow.  Apparently, I was the only one who couldn’t see what this gown could truly become.  I purchased the gown that day and proceeded with the alterations that, in the end, did make it the gown of my dreams.

I guess mom knows best really is true!