Honeymoon Always

Perhaps it is because I am a woman who dares to live outside the box. Perhaps it is because I am wanderluster all the way to my soul. Or perhaps it is because I don’t believe in societal standards set for couples to move through life.

We are all familiar with the simple step processes that many couples follow:

  1. Dating

  2. Engagement

  3. Wedding

  4. Honeymoon

  5. Newlywed phase

  6. Become an old, boring, married couple. Maybe have a few kids. Maybe adopt a few pets. Maybe both.

Sorry ya’ll, but I just don’t roll like that. Ever since my husband and I took our first trip together (when we were dating), we decided on one thing: for as long as the Lord allows, we are always going to live our lives with as much change, travel, and cultural exposure as possible.

Fast forward a few years to the trip of a lifetime. Early on in our relationship we always dreamed and planned for a trip to Ireland. Both our families originated from this breathtaking country, and we both had a yearning to travel there one day. It only made sense to make this our honeymoon goal. We spent 10 beautiful, magical, and completely awe-inspiring days traveling the country. Every day we woke up like children on Christmas morning, excited for the unknown the day would bring.

Before the plane even landed back in Boston, we were already planning our next adventure. That is who we are. Seven months later we boarded another plane to venture our way to Iceland…for New Years. Many people thought we were bonkers, for obvious reasons. We didn’t care. We had a passionate desire to experience this vast land and hopefully see the Northern Lights dance into the new year. About a week later, we returned home, again with the desire to plan another trip.

Unfortunately, due to a massive career change, we had to place our wanderlusting dreams on hold for the next 18 months, only able to take a few small, local weekend trips. After the dust settled and we established a new groove, we enthusiastically booked another dream trip, this time to the stunning island of St. Lucia. We savored every single second. We snorkeled, kayaked, hiked the Pitons, enjoyed a selection of wine and spirits, and woke up every single morning to the birds singing a joyful tune and the sound of the Caribbean softly depositing its waves on the beach below. We were surrounded by a mirage of what I believe to be the closest thing to Heaven possible.

We were also surrounded by many other couples, including two bubbly newlyweds from Florida, celebrating their honeymoon. We had a chance to experience quite a bit with them, get to know them, and realized they were most certainly us, from a few years prior. Newly married, loving life, and looking to always make the most of it. That is when it hit me. There was no difference between my husband and I and this newly married couple. We were both relishing every moment of our intimate getaways, and each other. Who is to say we were not both on our honeymoons.

Who is to say that you only get one shot at a honeymoon? You don’t. You get as many shots as you wish to take.

An underlying realization came to the surface in St. Lucia. You should NEVER stop honeymooning. It doesn’t matter if you have been married 6 months, 6 years, or 60 years. It doesn’t matter if you book a trip to Bora Bora or a long weekend to Bar Harbor, Maine. Marriage is one of the toughest jobs you will ever sign up for. But just like every job, everyone needs a vacation now and then. The only mistake is thinking you need a vacation AWAY from each other, and not WITH each other. A vacation-or a second/third/fourth/tenth honeymoon-is a way for you as a couple to reconnect, fall head over heels in love, and shut the world out while you wrap yourselves up in each other – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Are you ready to live your lives outside the box? I sure am. As matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I hear Napa Valley calling my name. Be back soon…maybe!

-XO Carrie