Decor Trends

I never really thought about wedding décor when I was a little girl. For me, it was all about the dress. I would watch wedding dress runway shows on TV with my sister and cousin, and every time a new dress was shown, I would decide that THAT dress was the one. In my little girl mind, the dress was the most important part of the wedding, the only part, even!

Now, as a woman in her twenties, I know more about what goes into a wedding. You need the right partner, a location that you love, décor that makes you happy, and food that you will enjoy (if you even get the chance to take a bite!). The location, food, and décor that are chosen will of course change from wedding to wedding, but they also change from year to year. As with fashion, most things wedding related go through different trends. Reception and ceremony décor is no exception. One of the most noticeable examples of this is the trends in ceremony and reception décor. They are also one of my favorite things to research and explore (especially as I get nearer and nearer to planning a wedding of my own).

Imagine, if you will, what the most popular pins are on Pinterest when you search for new ideas for your wedding board. I bet the types of décor you see are either minimalist or natural (or both!). These are a couple of the biggest trends of 2016 weddings.

Couples who go with minimalist décor tend to go with smaller, more impactful pieces. They aren’t looking for the big ice sculpture effect. More unique pieces may be their style, or smaller centerpieces that have a bigger pop of color. Their place settings and signage may focus on simple calligraphy on paper without a busy background, and they may have just a simple white frosted cake. A minimalist wedding is a great place to let your bridal bouquet or centerpieces shine and be the star! You can give that impact and peek into your personality with one of our handmade, fully custom, brooch bouquets – use one as your bouquet and then as a centerpiece at your sweetheart table, or request multiple bouquets and have a small one as a centerpiece at everyone’s table!

What about those of you who want a more natural feel to your ceremony and reception? How will you be incorporating this trend into your wedding plans? Will you be putting the floral arrangements on the back burner and making succulents, decorative leaves, or potted trees the focal point of your décor? We make bouquets that fit your style as well! Imagine walking down the aisle with a piece of nature in your hands that you can keep and grow for years after your wedding. You are setting the stage for two things by carrying one of our handmade succulent bouquets down the aisle. You are giving your guests a sneak peek at what they will see at your reception, and you are also holding a symbol of your marriage’s current strength and future growth as you recite your vows.

If you see yourself – be it your current self planning your wedding, or yourself as a child dreaming of the perfect wedding dress – in either of these décor trends, or just want something unique and special to add to your wedding day, please, consider allowing us to help you create the perfect day. Our bouquets are made with love, and with you and your personality, hopes, and dreams in mind. We are here for you, hoping to make your special day just that little bit more special.

-Katie Gill