A Timeless Proposal: Charlotte and Gary

It's been about three months since the love of my life asked me to marry him, and anyone else who is recently engaged probably knows what these few months have been like. There is a lot of excitement, fun conversations, sharing the news, and I have discovered how fun Pinterest can be (I know, I know. I'm late to the Pinterest game). There have also been SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.  “When's the wedding?” “Where are you getting married?” “Have you picked out your dress?...not even the style?”  “What are your colors?” “How big is your guest list?” Question after question, and I don't have the answers to any of them...except one. It's my favorite question to answer: “So...How did he ask?”

Let's start at the beginning. Gary and I met in October of 2011, when he came to work at the same store I'd been working at for years. We were both department supervisors and worked together every day. It was anything but love at first sight. Quite honestly, for the first several months we knew each other, we could not stand each other! Then something changed. We started talking more at work. Outside of work, our dislike began to evolve into tolerance, and then friendship, and then something more. We went on our first date on June 21, 2012, and the rest is history.

Fast forward five years to this past June. We don't go all out on anniversaries. Usually, we exchange cards and go out to dinner that weekend. This year, our anniversary landed on a Wednesday, and I suggested keeping it simple- a date to the Strand, a small, local movie theater that has a few dinner options.  He agreed that sounded great for Wednesday night...but this was our fifth anniversary and he wanted to take me somewhere special the following weekend. He initially wanted to surprise me, but he's a smart man. He knew I would want time to plan my outfit, so he told me where we were going: The Top of the Hub, a restaurant on the top floor of the Prudential Center in Boston. I went out and bought a new dress and shoes. I told my friends where we were going, and many of them had the same response: “Charlotte, he's gonna propose!” I shot them all down. I knew he wasn't going to propose, because he'd been telling me for years that our engagement was going to be on its own day - not on a birthday or holiday, and certainly not our anniversary.

On our anniversary, he gave me a dozen roses,we went to the Strand Theater and had a great time. A few days later was our dinner date in the city. Our reservation was at 9:15 - a little late for a girl who's usually in bed by 10:30, so I enjoyed an afternoon nap and a few cups of coffee before getting ready to go. I decided to keep my new dress a surprise from Gary. When I walked out of the bedroom with my hair and makeup done, wearing my new outfit, his jaw dropped. He told me I looked like an angel.

We arrived in Boston a little early. While we were waiting in the restaurants lobby, I happened to recognize a photographer and friend of the Timeless Bridal team. I assumed he was there shooting some kind of event,and decided to say a quick “hello.” He seemed surprised to see me, and offered to come take a picture of us, if he had time.  Little did I know, he was there to shoot our proposal. Both he and Gary had a moment of panic, believing the surprise to be ruined. Luckily, I'm gullible and easily bought the story that he was there for another event. Eventually, we took our seats by the window displaying the most beautiful views of the city. We were even lucky enough to see a fireworks  show in the distance. We ordered our food and enjoyed the view while we ate. In fact, I may have enjoyed it too much, as I kept finding myself distracted, forgetting to eat!  Eventually, I finished my dinner and we ordered dessert. If you ever have the chance to dine there, I highly recommend the cookie platter. They are baked to order, and completely delicious.  While we were waiting for our cookies,Gary suggested we stand up and take a picture ourselves in front of the window. I told him no. I suggested we wait and ask the waitress to take the picture when she came back. She had been doing that all evening and I knew  it would come out so much better! Gary insisted, so I stood up with him, and he immediately confused me by putting his phone away.

“Babe, if you want to take a selfie, why are you putting your phone away?” I asked

“Because that's not why I wanted you to stand up.” He answered.

He reached into his pocket, got down on one knee, and made me the happiest girl in the world by asking me to marry him. I said yes through tears and he placed a ring on my finger.  We kissed and hugged while the whole restaurant applauded. The waitress brought champagne, and our friend appeared out of nowhere taking pictures.  When we sat down and I finally caught my breath, Gary asked if I recognized the ring. I sure did. It's a ring I fell in love with years ago when I saw it in my mother’s jewelry box. The very ring my grandfather gave to my grandmother when he asked her to marry him more than 60 years ago, was now on my hand. My grandparents were madly in love until the day she died in 1994. He never stopped loving her until his death in 2011.  Having the ring that symbolized their love, and knowing I have found love like theirs, means the world to me.

After I excused myself to break the good news to my mother and close family and friends, we enjoyed our cookies and champagne and headed home, still on cloud nine.  We got home and stayed up talking and enjoying each other's company, not wanting our night to end. When we finally fell asleep it was after 2am. I woke up at 6, too excited to go back to sleep.  I had some coffee and watched Moana on Netflix, waiting for my *new* fiancé to wake up. We went out for breakfast.  My mom saw on Facebook that I checked in at the diner and called them requesting they bring us a special treat.  We must have been glowing, because she didn't even have to describe us.  As soon as she mentioned her daughter who just got engaged, they knew exactly who she was talking about. The rest of the day was spent hanging out together, calling more friends to share our news, and relaxing.

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