A Sucker for Succulents

I have always been told, ever since I was a little girl, that I was unique. I guess that may have been because I always took more of an interest in boyish things. I loved playing cops and robbers with the neighborhood boys, rolling in the sandbox, digging in the dirt soil, and shooting guns. Actually I still do enjoy most of these activities. Anyways, it should come as no surprise to me, or anyone that knows me, that I was not one of those girls that gave much, if any, thought, to my “someday” wedding. I always figured it would happen one day, maybe in my thirties, and I might wear white, kiss a boy, and get a fancy ring out of the deal. 

As the years progressed, so did my view of what a wedding should be. I started to picture rustic décor, a romantic lace dress (not strapless), and a bouquet…not from cut flowers. You see, throughout the years, I attended multiple weddings, wore a bridesmaid dress in some (and I’m sure more to come!), and had a tendency to pick out the typical details that seem to appear in most weddings. One detail that always bothered me was the bride’s bouquet. I could never stand the fact that something so special, so symbolic, was a piece that was either going to be tossed after the wedding, or an attempt to dry and preserve might be made. But none of this was going to change the fact that the bride was holding dead plants. Perhaps this bothers me more because of my background. I have a degree in agriculture, and a strong appreciation for living, thriving plants. I knew I somehow wanted to remain true to my background and my passion. 

It wasn’t until a few years ago that my “someday” wedding became much more real. My amazing husband proposed to me on Christmas morning, and after almost a two year engagement, we got married. I didn’t spend much time on the details for practically the entire first year of our engagement-I guess you could say I was lacking the bride gene. One thing I did have finalized almost immediately though, was the bouquet. I knew when I walked down the aisle, I was going to be wearing a white dress, purple shoes, and carrying a bouquet of live plants. Live plants? Yes-succulents, to be exact. 

Succulents are probably one of my most favored plant families, which is great because I could easily incorporate them into my bouquet. Better yet-I could replant them after my wedding and keep them for years to come. You just can’t ask for much better.

What I did find odd, though, was everyone’s amazement when I told them my plans, or better yet when they saw the bouquet on my wedding day. I swear more people came up to our table to see the bouquet than they did to congratulate the new couple (which is fine for me since I HATE being the center of attention). Anyways, I guess that just proves my parents were right all along when they told me I was a special little girl. 

I have always been a person to challenge the norm, push further than expected, ask questions, and dare to be different in every way possible. I guess it should come as no surprise I made sure to incorporate that aspect of myself into my wedding. I just hope my husband knew what he got himself into…

-Carrie Farrell