7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

As Millennials begin planning their big wedding days they are far more aware of changes in our world than any generation before. This generation is presented with unique opportunities to alter traditions for an eco-friendly wedding celebration. With constant news of climate change and pollution wouldn't you like to make sure you are doing your best to be kind to the world we live in? Check out our advice for a fun and sustainable wedding.

1. Environmentally Friendly Venues

Look for a wedding venue that uses renewable energy, such as solar or wind power.  If you can plan an outdoor, daytime wedding and avoid the use of electric lights, that’s even better!

2. Locally Sourced Food

When you're looking for a caterer, try to find one that uses locally sourced food.  Not only does this cut down on emissions by eliminating the need to transport food long distances, it helps your community by supporting a local business.  Donate any leftovers to a local shelter if possible.

3. Sustainable Decor

Avoid using cut flowers in your decor. Live plants can be used as centerpieces and gifted to guests at the end of the night.  Our bouquets make wonderful eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cut flower bouquets.

4. Sustainable Favors

Depending on the number of guests and your budget, there are a wide variety of eco-friendly wedding favors. Seed packets, potted plants, and reusable water bottles are just a few ideas!

5. Limit Printing

Keep printing to a minimum by creating wedding website to provide information that might typically be withing an invitation. This can include hotel information, directions to the venue, and even RSVPs.  Use recycled paper for any printed items including invitations, thank you cards, and place cards.  If you choose to provide guests with printed wedding programs, keep it to one page with the reception menu printed on the back, and recycle them at the end of the night.  

6. The Send Off

If you’re planning a confetti toss during your send off, try to hold it inside to ensure there is no confetti left on the ground to potentially harm wildlife.  Avoid balloon releases, which also create litter and can be harmful to animals.  Consider other safe items such as birdseed.

7. Transportation

Cut down on emissions by arranging for a bus to transport guests between the hotel and venue and by encouraging your guests to carpool.  Make it easy for them by creating an account on https://www.groupcarpool.com, and sharing on your wedding website.

What fun ideas do you have to keep your wedding day environmentally friendly?