15 Self-Care Tips for Quarantine

There is no denying we are in unprecedented times right now. A global pandemic is no joke. We have heard from so many couples that have faced the hard decision to postpone or cancel their weddings in the upcoming months. We have spoken to brides and their loved ones about showers that may not happen. We have seen so many wonderful people nursing broken hearts, picking up the pieces, and trying to make sense of the cards they have been dealt. 
One thing we cannot stress enough, however, is that now, more than ever, is when you need to prioritize you. Your health - physically, mentally, and emotionally - is so important right now. In order to show up as the best version of yourself for this tough season we are walking through, you need to set time aside to care for yourself.  
What does self-care look like? That is the beautiful thing. Self-care isn’t cookie cutter. For some it’s a glass of wine and bubble bath. For others, it might be a good podcast or a book. What matters most, is that it brings you into the right headspace you need to show up as the best you that you can. But if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, we got you covered. 

1. Bubble bath and your favorite drink:We couldn’t make a self-care list without one of our favorites. Feel free to substitute essential oils or bath salts for bubbles. We love a rich glass of red wine or chamomile tea. 

2. Podcasts: We are personal development junkies, so our default podcasts tend to be Rise or Rise Together by Rachel and Dave Hollis. If you have never heard of them, we highly suggest checking them out. 

3. Read a book: We are old school and love the feel of turning pages, but if kindle or tablet reading is your thing, go for it!

4. Workout: Hear us out. Working out is a great way to lower cortisol levels, increase endorphins, and trigger a whole host of good-decision making. Did you know that people who work out are far more likely to make healthier decisions throughout the day (without even knowing it)? We aren’t saying to run a half marathon every day, but find something you love doing and stick to it. Yoga, Zumba, strength training, are all great alternatives. 

5. Go for a walk: Fast paced or high intensity workouts aren’t the only way to get your exercise in. Take a stroll through your neighborhood or find a hiking trail in your area. The fresh air and vitamin D will do wonders. 

6. Have an in-home spa day: Whether you have a significant other willing to pamper you a bit, or you like the idea of giving your hands and feet some TLC, this is a great way to feel relaxed and get a free mani/pedi. 

7. Watch your favorite movie(s): Watch one. Watch ten. Noone is judging. You do you. 

8. Phone-a-friend: No seriously. Schedule some time to call that person you know will listen to you vent, cry, laugh, and feel all the emotions. Friendly tip on this one – make sure you choose someone who will hear you and give you back what you need. Sometimes you don’t need anything except an ear. Sometimes you need advice. Sometimes you need that kick in the butt. Choose the right person for the right time. 

9. Journal: Write. It. Out. Writing can be so therapeutic. There does not have to be any structure or reasoning to it. Just sit down and let the words spill onto the paper. If it helps, set yourself a timer and just keep going till your time is up. During this time, though, make sure to set aside any potential distractions (I am looking at you social media). 

10. Cook or bake: Unless you absolutely despise being in the kitchen for anything other than another glass of wine or to heat up your leftover take out (no judgement girl!) Try out some new recipes, or dust off some of your oldie but goodies. Not to mention you reap the rewards at the end with a delicious meal to enjoy. 

11. Meditate or pray: Take some time to really be in the moment. Work through your thoughts. Pray about it. Just be intentional. 

12. Make a gratitude list: Remember those Hollis people we were gushing over earlier? One of the practices we got into a while back was making a daily gratitude list each morning. List 5 things that happened in the past 24 hours that you are grateful for. These do not have to be big things. Did you have a warm cup of coffee this morning? Did you indulge in some ice cream last night for dessert? Find joy in the little things. 

13. Be artistic: Draw, sing, play an instrument. Whatever floats your boat – do it. 

14. Get ‘dolled-up’: Let’s face it. Most of us are not going anywhere these days. One thing that can really make you feel human again can be as simple as putting on your favorite outfit, doing your hair and makeup, and taking a few selfies (let’s be honest – we all love a good selfie).

15. Plan an at-home date night: How many of us have lost our ability to indulge in a traditional date night? Just because you can’t go out to your favorite hotspot, doesn’t mean you should give up an important piece of your relationship. Make it as simple or as intricate as you desire. A simple board game or movie night can be just as romantic as a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine. Just make it special to you (as a couple of course).